Alice + Olivia luggage (Target + Neiman Marcus)

This time around, Target seems to want to mitigate some of the frenzy that surrounded its Missoni partnership last year, and the mass-purchasing that put a damper on its Jason Wu collection in February.

Customers will be limited to purchasing five of the same items at a time, and all returns must be made to the retailer where the purchase occurred by Jan. 5, 2013.

Though the item limit will likely keep shoppers from cleaning out limited-edition items Supermarket Sweep-style, there’s nothing to stop these products from making their way to eBay.

Despite its power-packed list of designers, this collaboration may not inspire the same frenzy as the Missoni one. For one thing, the items will be sold at both stores, including 42 Neiman Marcus locations and the Neiman Marcus Web site. For those worried about a repeat of the Target pandemonium, Neiman Marcus stores may be a calmer bet.

The collection is also a bit weak on women’s clothes — six garments out of the 50-piece collection, compared with past collections that were dominated by womenswear. But with fewer garments to try on, customers may feel more confident buying gift items online .

Even though some of the items are good deals, the collection as a whole seems unlikely to inspire the kind of astronomical eBay mark-ups that the last partnership did. For example, $50 for a yoga mat—even one designed by Diane von Furtsenburg—already seems pretty steep.

For our top gift ideas from the collection, see the photo gallery below.

View Photo Gallery: The retail giants, along with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, worked with 24 designers to create a 50-piece collection that will be sold in both stores and online. Here are 15 items that stand out as great gift ideas that will give you the most bang for your buck.

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