Charlie Haden 2012 NEA Jazz Master (Photo by Steven Perilloux)

The 2012 Jazz Masters are: Jack DeJohnette, the drummer and keyboardist; Von Freeman, the saxophonist; Charlie Haden, the bassist and composer; Sheila Jordan, a vocalist and Jimmy Owens, the trumpeter and composer.

Warner Williams, a 2011 National Heritage Fellow (Photo by Michael G. Stewart)

Williams was born in Takoma Park and lives in Gaithersburg.

The 2011 Opera Honorees are John Conklin, a stage designer; Speight Jenkins, the general director of the Seattle Opera; Rise Stevens, the opera star, and Robert Ward, a composer.

There is a plan afoot to combine the awards into a broader platform for all American artists, the NEA announced. The agency was scheduled to make this year’s announcement at its National Council on the Arts meeting Friday morning.