As the bunting goes up on the other side of the pond and celebrations begin to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 60-years reign, Style asked British people based in this region to explain what Americans are missing by not having a royal family.

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Here are a few of their responses.

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The queen, who may be as uncertain about her role as the rest of us but at least she has the dignity to keep it to herself and carry on. Hers is a Becketian role in 19th-century costume and like End Game not exactly a bundle of fun, but we all love her for playing it.

Antony Gormley (artist, whose show, Drawing Space, is currently at the Phillips Collection)

All the deference due to a head of state goes to the queen (some would say to a foolish level.) But that means that little to no deference is due to the head of government, the prime minister. That in turn makes for a generally more feisty relationship with the media that Americans, with their head of state and government represented by the president, might occasionally relish.

Frances Kerry (training manager for Reuters in the Americas, and a longtime reporter and editor for the news agency)

...the constant low-rent grumbling about the outrageous cost of bunting this year. Of course one was planning to reuse the remnants from 1977 but perhaps as it’s a special occasion.....

Margaux Bergen (vice president for strategic communications, Vital Voices.)

We Brits love Brenda (our nickname for QE2) because she is an icon of old-fashioned frumpy consistency. No matter how sleazy, corrupt or trashy the cultural landscape becomes, H.R.H remains effortlessly and fabulously above it all. She is the un-Kardashian. Are Americans missing out by not having their own Brenda?

Yes, emphatically, YES! Brenda is a mooring unifying force. The U.S. needs a Brenda now more than ever.

Simon Doonan (Slate columnist and creative ambassador, Barneys New York)

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