One blogger is bringing out the softer side of the news: Delit Maille features hand-made plush dolls of politicians and celebrities, acting out their own headlines (The name of the site is a French play on the English tabloid The Daily Mail). Blogger Anna, who prefers not to give out her full name, knits plushy portraits of the world’s most powerful.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, shown below in a G20 meeting with President Barack Obama, is one of her favorites of the more than 60 figurines she’s knitted, Anna said in an e-mail.

Obama and Sarkozy (Courtesy of Delit Maille)

“The little woolly Sarkozy [is] much more funny than the real one, who doesn't make me laugh at all,” she wrote.

Anna got the idea to knit the headlines after she saw a book called “Knit Your Own Royal Wedding,” she told The Local, an English-language French news site.

"It's a way to make fun of something without being too cruel. Wool is soft, nice. You can say anything you want and it's okay as long as it's wrapped up in wool," said Anna to The Local.

Some of her favorite targets are politicians like Sarkozy and former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, whom she depicted in one of his notorious bunga bunga parties. She told The Washington Post that she has plans to debut a Kim Jong Eun soon, as well as Occupy Wall Street and the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Berlusconi and “friends” (Courtesy of Delit Maille)

A reenactment of Moammar Gaddafi’s 2007 visit with Sarkozy. (Courtesy of Delit Mail)

Anna doesn’t limit herself to politicians, though. Pop culture plush figurines are also a product of her needles, including Lady Gaga, Don Draper and several popular soccer players. She has plans to make dolls of David and Victoria Beckham, Doctor House, Bruce Springsteen and the Statue of Liberty, too. She’s also been inspired by the great works of art in Paris museums, such as the “Mona Lisa”. Anna has made more than 60 dolls.

Amy Winehouse (Courtesy of Delit Mail)

The Mona Lisa (Courtesy of Delit Mail)

As for her royal wedding inspiration? Anna has envisioned the next “royal” wedding to captivate the world: That of Pippa Middleton, depicted by her perfect posterior.

Pippa Middleton (Courtesy of Delit Mail)