Adrian Parsons, a local artist and activist, has stopped making art as his thin frame grows more gaunt each day on his hunger strike with Occupy D.C. for voting rights. But even though Parsons isn’t making art, his image in the Washington Post inspired a street artist to create wheatpasted posters of his recent arrest.

(Courtesy Philippa Hughes)

The Post’s Dan Zak wrote about the hunger strike last week and Ricky Carioti captured a striking image of Parsons being handcuffed while sitting in a wheelchair.

Parsons, who has been subsisting on water and vitamins for 14 days now, was reportedly too weak to stand on his own, but he was still arrested for obstructing traffic near the Capitol last week during a D.C. voting rights demonstration.

Philippa Hughes, the founder of the Washington-based art company Pink Line Project, saw the wheatpaste depiction of Parsons at 14th Street and Swann, Northwest, Wednesday morning and snapped a photo of it. She said she’s not sure who created it. “Lean and Hungry” is the name of a local theater group, but when contacted, the group denied any responsibility (Exact quote from the group: “Wild. Thanks!”).

If you know the artist, contact Arts Post here.

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