Send the first search party to the Met: A New York man’s parrot, trained to sing opera, has gone missing after he flew away during a post-Thanksgiving bike ride. Captain, a 25-year-old green and yellow Amazon parrot, escaped from owner Allen Kirson’s shoulder in Brooklyn.

Captain, a missing opera-singing parrot. (Courtesy of YouTube channel, CaptainCharlene2)

Kirson told the New York Post that he was biking with the parrot resting on his shoulder, as usual. “After several blocks I realized that he was no longer on my shoulder. I retraced my steps, but he was gone,” he said. He worries that his bird, which has performed at hospitals and senior citizens’ centers, could be attacked by a cat. Captain’s wings are clipped, so he cannot fly long distances.

Check out the pipes on this bird in a beachside performance below, and from his shower-curtain perch. Captain has perfected hitting the high notes in vibrato.