Haven’t seen many of this year’s Oscar-nominated films? You could watch the trailers for all nine Best Picture-nominated films, or you could just check out Ali Gray’s brutally honest movie posters.

(Courtesy Ali Gray, theshiznit.co.uk)

Gray’s revised posters poke subtle fun at the actors and plots of this year’s top films, and his slick photo ma­nipu­la­tion skills make them look as though, in a less tactful world, they could be real. Check out the ones below, and more at The Shiznit, and then vote for which film you think will take the top prize in our Oscars poll.

(Courtesy Ali Gray, theshiznit.co.uk)

(Courtesy Ali Gray, theshiznit.co.uk)

(Courtesy Ali Gray, theshiznit.co.uk)

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