Who would have thought the world would come to this: Knock-off PajamaJeans. For men. With faux-exposed boxers and trompe l’oeil rips at the knee.


(Screenshot, The Lakeside Collection)

But first, for the uninitiated: PajamaJeans are the great scourge on American fashion that cleverly enable you to wear socially-acceptable pajamas at any time. They are pajamas in a jeans costume, made of DormiSoft™ cotton-spandex blend fabric, and they come in every size that people come in. Until now, though, they were only available for women.

Granted, these pajama-appearing jeans are not PajamaJeans, which is a trademark. They’re $12.95 ripoffs made by the Lakeside Collection, an online catalog that also offers toys, homewear, electronics and books. And for both the exposed-boxer and ripped-up versions of these pants, Lakeside has totally sold out.

Yes, American fashion and culture have gotten steadily more casual throughout the years, but many fashion and culture writers have heralded the coming of PajamaJeans as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse; a sign that things have gone too far. Will we soon go to a mall or grocery store and encounter other shoppers wearing PajamaJeans, Snuggies and Crocs? As Rod Hagwood of the Sun-Sentinel writes, “What are we going to call it? Couch Couture? Hybernation Chic? Stretch Style? Yoga-Panting?”

That’s not to mention jeggings, which were recently endorsed by Conan O’Brien, and jeanderpants/junderpants, which are horrifyingly self-explanatory, but perhaps appreciated by fans of “Arrested Development.”

But back to the true tragedy of these men’s pajama jeans. They are not just pajamas that are jeans. They are pajamas that are jeans that have fake rips and a fake boxer-droop. And for the fashionably clueless, they may be just the perfect holiday gift.

[via She’s Still Got It]