You thought that after Peeps in movies, Peeps in D.C., Peeps in politics, Peeps in love and Peeps in pop culture, we would not utter another peep about these love-’em-or-hate’em marshmallow treats. But thanks to D.C.’s museums and galleries, Peep artists found inspiration in the arts, creating replicas of famous paintings and sculpture throughout history. Here’s a Peep lesson in art history, from the Renaissance to Abstract Expressionism to De Stijl.

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Peeps in "The School of Athens”: Inspired by the painting of the same title by Raphael.

Wrote creators Brendan Hanrahan and Tamara Forys: Highlights include Plato and Aristopeeple (carrying his famous work "Peepian Ethics"), Alexander the Peep wearing a specially designed helmet, and the lounging Peep Diogenes. (Tamara Forys and Brendan Hanrahan)

“Composition in Red, Blue and Peep”: Inspired by Piet Mondrian’s “Composition II in Red, Blue and Yellow.”

Wrote creator Lee-Ellen Myles: A tourist peep is visiting a museum and looking at “Composition in Red, Blue and Peep.” (Lee-Ellen Myles)

“Peepin' at Peepan Gothic”: Inspired by Grant Wood’s “American Gothic.”

Wrote creator Alexi Worley: A Peep's-eye-view at an American classic. (Alexi Worley)

“Capeep in Purple and Gold”: inspired by James Abbot McNeill Whistler’s “Caprice in Purple and Gold.”

(Laura Barnard, Anthony Franks, Michele Barnard)

“The Treachery of Peeps”: Inspired by Rene Magritte’s “The Treachery of Images.”

(Ellen Sullivan, Susan Piedmont-Palladino)

“Peepllock”: Inspired by the art of Jackson Pollock.

Wrote the artists: Our splatter paint piece began when our wonderful art history teacher assigned us all to do a peep diorama project. We love this artist and had a lot of fun making it. (Shannon H., Rebecca M. and Jen K.)

Peeps contest winners:

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