Easter is over. Chances are your local convenience store is trying to clear its shelves of all pastel-colored candies — including everyone’s favorite, love-it-or-hate-it seasonal treat: Peeps. But consuming all those jelly beans and Cadbury eggs, the thought of a sugar-dusted Peep might be enough to give you a toothache.

So what should you do with your deeply-discounted bits of marshmallow? There’s Peep jousting, but the microwave cleaning that follows won’t be so much fun. Put ’em in your favorite Internet memes, instead, like these competitors in our annual Peep contest (check out the winners here).

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Nyan Peep: Based on the adorable meme Nyan Cat, outfitted in his finest Easter Pop Tart.

(Julia Schillo)

[Stuff] Peeple in D.C. Say: Based on the never-ending series of videos explaining [expletive] people say, a meme that made its way to our fair city to poke fun of Washington’s most self-important types.

“Sh*t Peeps in DC Say” includes parody vignettes of the YouTube sensation. (Casey Saggers)

Words with Peeps: The super-addictive game that got Alec Baldwin kicked off of a flight last year gets a Peeps treatment.

“Words With Peeps” - The current trend of “people” everywhere playing multiple games of “Words With Friends.” (Dawn Lipshultz and Andy Eckert)

“What the PEEP just happened?!” – Inspired by a popular picture on the internet of a lawn chair that was knocked over, along with the caption “we will rebuild.” (Janna Murphy and Tori Sieber)

Peepterest: The mega-addictive Pinterest has already spawned so many spin-offs, so why not one for Peeps?

“Peepterest: The Loss of American Productivity.” Wrote the artists: “This diorama represents Pinterest in the marshmallowy world of peeps. We tried to do justice to the variety of things you would come across on Pinterest: reciPEEPs; fashionPEEPsta ideas; how to get six PEEP abs, and many more fun ideas for the peep world!” (Karlyn Owens and Dave Owens)

What Peeple Think About Peeps: Based on another series of viral images that riff on people’s assumptions, Peeple think Peeps are art, science, delicious, a cash cow, a ninja, and a recipe comprised of sugar, marshmallow, and love. Megan Hustings and Rachel Hamilton’s diorama was a finalist in this year’s competition.

"What Peeple Think Peeps Are" (Megan Hustings and Rachel Hamilton)

See our winner and all of our finalists here:

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