Frida Kahlo (Courtesy of Artisphere)

In 1954 Kahlo died and the items and photographs belonging to her and her husband, the renowned Diego Rivera were sealed. not until 2007 was the collection opened and inventoried.

Artisphere announced Wednesday it will host “Frida Kahlo: Her Photos” in its first exhibition in the U.S. The show contains 259 images, all facsimiles, that will be on view from Feb. 23 to March 25.

“We are thrilled to bring this incredible Frida Kahlo collection to Artisphere and Arlington,” said Artisphere’s executive director Jose Ortiz. “These types of international collaborations allow us to share with American audiences the influences and special viewpoint of such a revered artist.”

The show is a collaboration with the Frida Kahlo Museum, the Embassy of Mexico, the Mexican Cultural Institute, Arlington County and the Rosslyn Business Improvement District.

The show has been organized by photographer and curator Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, who divided the photos into six areas of Kahlo’s life. One section is about her parents; another her lovers, plus her own photographs.

The show is free.