It’s a holiday for math teachers: March 14 = 3.14 = Pi Day, named after the mathematical constant that is the ratio of a Euclidean circle’s circumference to its diameter. On Pi Day, we celebrate mathematics and things that are round — but instead of rounding up for pi, students relish every digit. Here’s how you can celebrate, even after you’ve graduated.


1. Memorizing as many digits of Pi as you can: Your Style blogger, who has not had to do any math more complex than calculating a tip at a restaurant since her freshman year of college, failed miserably at this task, remembering only up to 3.1415. Many math students will be competing against each other in classrooms across the country today to see who can recite the most digits correctly. But none of them will come close to the world record set by Chao Lu, who recited 67,890 digits of pi over 24 hours in 2005. Check out other pi record-holders at Pi World.

2. Rapping: There’s something about the wholesomeness of math class and pi that, when set to rap, creates the perfect ratio of nerdiness to cool. There are dozens of examples of pi raps: Here are a few.

3. Eating Pi(e): You do not need any excuses to eat pie, which is a dessert that surpasses its more popular relative, the cupcake, in so many ways. Our food section has dozens of recipes for you. Try the upside-down three-chocolate brownie pie, the pecan pie, the cappuccino cream pie, the banana peanut butter s’mores icebox pie, the buttermilk pie with rhubarb compote, the stroganoff muffin pie (for something savory), the simple-but-comforting apple pie, and my favorite, the petite hand pie.

0.14 Perfecting your pie crust: Adding on to that last suggestion with a little sliver of a tip: Today’s a good day to learn how to make a proper pie crust, something that can elude home cooks. Pastry chef Tiffany MacIsaac shows you how it’s done.