Pinterest, the talk of social media mavens, is now part of my job as a reporter. I’m using my design eye for branding, marketing and promotion. Laugh, if you will, but in case you haven’t seen from the myraid reports, the site is totally fun and addictive.

I pin photos on my 40 boards during my workday between reporting, writing, blogging, blabbing, Facebooking, Instagramming and tweeting. I’m pinning photos of Philippe Starck chairs with my iPhone while waiting in line at Trader Joes on my app for Pinterest. Now that I think of it, I need to start a board of my favorite Trader Joe’s products. I live-pinned, while live-tweeting, the Grammys and Downton Abbey. I pin our own Washington Post design articles and photo galleries of local homes and designers.

At night, I think of places I vacationed before the recession (Capri, Tuscany, Beverly Hills) and the next day I post photos of these places on my Travel board. Cheap thrills.

Actually my Cat board is one of my most followed boards, thanks to all you cat people out there.

It’s great to see what others whose opinion I respect also LIKE. ( If you LIKE something you hit the LIKE button and you can also REPIN something on one of your boards.) It’s always nice to be LIKED. I especially LIKE it when my editor repins my pins (hint, hint, Liz Seymour).

Why is this so entertaining? It’s like curating your own magazine or pretending you are picking out stacks of Tiffany diamonds for yourself. (See my Jewels bulletin board.) It’s sharing the closet and kitchen pantry of your dreams. It’s an online filing system that won’t take up space in your den.

(It’s also why marketers are flocking to the site. It’s becoming a huge source of traffic to online stores thanks to those who decide to make the dream pinboards a very real purchase.)

It’s not all sunshine, though. Some pins are annoying, others make me cringe. The crafty, cupcake types have come to the pinning party. I don’t like the nasty tattoo people or the vampire crowd. That’s why I’ve started a board labeled Scary. Ouch.

If you have some time to play, follow me: