(Screenshot of Pose app.)

Thanks to an update of Pose, a fashion iPhone app, compliments on your good taste won’t be limited to those who encounter it that day. The social shopping app now encourages you to upload a photo of your outfit each day. Strangers can tell you how great you look — or they can copy your style, if you tag each article of clothing with the store it came from. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

The app makes it easier for anyone to keep a clothing diary — a tried-and-true blog trend that has found a large enough audience for some of the best outfit bloggers that they can quit their day job. Outfit-a-day blogs often require a lot of set-up: Their subjects, who seem to live in a world where perfect lighting follows them everywhere and bad hair days don’t exist, are master self-portraitists with DSLR cameras. ­­On an iPhone, blogging your outfit each day is more convenient and offers instant gratification from other users who will like your look. It might be just a picture of you in the mirror, but the effect is the same.

Mashable predicts that the outfit-a-day enhancements to Pose could make the app “a force of habit for some users as they seek out and/or share style inspiration while getting ready in the morning — all of which is likely to increase Pose’s daily usage, engagement and user-retention rates.”

There’s an inherent vanity in the look-at-me act of taking your self-portrait each day, but if the blogger is a truly good self-stylist, the voyeurism and style tips she — or he — provides for readers makes it an excusable form of narcissism. What makes a good style diarist? Check out Poppy of What I Wore Today, Jessica of What I Wore, and my favorite, Rebecca of The Clothes Horse, for inspiration.