Marcus Wainwright and David Neville of the fashion label Rag & Bone. (Courtesy of Rag and Bone)

Neville, known by many celeb-gawkers for his pre-Jude Law romance with the actress Sienna Miller, told a group of journalists and fashion insiders Monday night that he and Wainwright are looking beyond the typical “New York-Los Angeles model” in terms of the strategic placement of their stores.

He said that areas thriving with young people, like Washington and Boston, will take to the Rag and Bone “boarding school” basics like blazers, tees, professorial cardigans, and their signature denim.

Unlike their new Georgetown area neighbors, Madewell and Vineyard Vines, the Rag and Bone line is less colorful, more cerebral, and doesn’t ooze with a J. Crew Americana sentimentality.

Neville and Wainwright, in an effort to embrace their new community, have asked many Washingtonians from various backgrounds to become Rag & Bone “ambassadors”.

Local philanthropists, students, and business leaders will be given a few pieces from the winter 2011 collection and will photograph themselves based on their interpretations of the way the clothes make them feel.

The photos will be displayed at the store’s grand opening in the fall.