It’s too late to make the lists of top 2011 memes, but parodies of Rick Perry’s “war on religion” ad are shaping up to be a good one nevertheless. Perry released the ad “Strong,” two days ago. In it, he laments the fact that gays could serve openly in the military, while children could not openly celebrate Christmas. The video quickly racked up the most dislikes ever to a YouTube video, and parodists wasted no time in creating their own versions of the ad. In the meme versions, atheism and dinosaurs are what will make America strong again.

GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry talks about his faith and America in a new political ad.

You can see the original Rick Perry “Strong” ad here. The ad also inspired a Twitter hashtag, #XmasWarDiaries, which encouraged those fighting in the “front lines” to tweet their observations about taking elves hostage and using candy canes as weapons.

James Kotecki vows to fight the “war on reason”:

Rick Perry sings the trolololol song:

The Second City comedy troupe makes the case for atheism (contains strong language):

This guy is not ashamed to admit that he is a dinosaur:

Hot Pop Syrup remixes Perry’s own words:

On Funny or Die, Jesus Christ responds (contains strong language):

And lastly, one image making the rounds shows that Perry is wearing the same jacket as Heath Ledger’s closeted gay cowboy in “Brokeback Mountain.”

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