The Internet is a lonely place. It’s lonelier if you have no friends. It’s even worse if you’re invisible. Once you notice messages like those on social media sites — where “You have no friends” is never sugarcoated — the online experience becomes dark and nihilistic, as one blogger astutely noticed.

Screenshots of Despair” catalogues technology alerts that aren’t just an update on your social media status — they’re a statement about your entire bleak and desolate life. And once you notice one, you’ll see them everywhere.

Alerts like “No one currently likes this” and ”No people like you” are profoundly depressing. But some of the alerts, like “You can’t go forward from where you are right now,” seen on Spotify, and “Nothing is being shared” on Adobe Connect, seem to speak directly to the human condition, the culture of the Internet and a user’s personal trajectory in life. It’s enough to make you yearn for the spinning Apple pinwheel of doom, which looks whimsical and fun in comparison.