Forty-two years ago, Sesame Street debuted on television. Since the debut, things changed a bit. Oscar the Grouch went from orange to green. Bert and Ernie stopped being cross-eyed. And Gordon, one of the neighborhood humans, changed actors. Matt Robinson, actress Holly Robinson Peete’s father, made Gordon, and his sideburns-and-mustache combo, famous. But before Robinson stepped into the role, another actor played one of the first leading black characters on television.

(Sesame Street Workshop)

Two years ago, when Sesame Street producers put together their anniversary package, they realized they had no record of who played the original Gordon. Two years on, they’re no closer to finding out. So, the group has decided to try to crowdsource a solution.

“Dan from Sesame Street” posted on Reddit asking for any clue, no matter how “esoteric or mundane.” Even if the hunt doesn’t turn up the actor’s original name, the video of the original Gordon is Well worth discovery:

If you have any information, contact Sesame Street at