In the city, springtime is the moment pop music goes public.

Apartment windows are opened, car windows are rolled down and sounds spill out into the streets. It’s a communal rite of spring. Consciously or subconsciously, we’re sharing the music that makes us feel good.

View Photo Gallery: We tapped readers to share photos of spring’s arrival on Instagram, using the hash tag #springscape. The result was a vibrant, flower-filled collection of photos. Here are some of our favorites.

What songs will you be pumping this weekend? What songs remind you of spring? We want you to help us capture the arrival of a new season with a Spotify playlist, created by you. Add your picks in the comments, or on Twitter using #springplaylist, and we’ll include some of our favorites in our playlist. Check out the playlist so far.

Below are my five springtime anthems. I hope my neighbors like them as much as I do.

DJ Screw, “June 27”

In the ‘90s, DJ Screw created what would become a massively influential dialect of psychedelic hip-hop by slowing albums down to a syrupy crawl. Today, listening to his music feels like a form of life extension. This 35-minute opus is ideal for spring days you hope will never end. [Warning: Explicit language.]

Tom Petty, “A Thing About You”

Spring is the best season to have a hopeless crush, right? For me, this Tom Petty tune has always embodied the electricity of infatuation. (Unfortunately, this live version is the only one on YouTube. Alas.)

Aaliyah, “One in A Million”

Another crush song -- albeit a cooler one. Probably the coolest one, really. While Timbaland’s skittery drums evoke butterflies, robo-crickets chirp in the background, pushing the indelible intimacy of Aaliyah’s voice into wide open spaces. It’s one of the most evocative R&B songs of all time.

Wally Badarou, “Hi Life”

Badarou poured his talent into oodles of hits as a member of the house band at Compass Point, the now-shuttered recording studio in Nassau, Bahamas founded by Island Records honcho Chris Blackwell. But nothing Badarou recorded matches the breeziness of this 1984 solo cut.

Tanlines, “All of Me”

And finally, something new. New York duo Tanlines released a fab new album on the first day of spring, but this song exudes enough charm to last through the summer and beyond.