The Smithsonian, the largest collection of museums in the world, has millions of artifacts. And apparently a number of zany curators.

Around the Mall, a blog from the Smithsonian magazine, surveyed a number of curators looking for ideas for Halloween inspired by the collections at the Smithsonian.

Models created by John Gurche of early humans at the National Museum of Natural History (Photo by Chip Clark, NMNH)

Try an early human look, suggested Rick Potts, an internationally recognized expert in early human life and the curator of anthropology at the National Museum of Natural History. It’s a waxy, hairy, wide-eyed look.

Deborah Voigt did Annie Oakley in The Glimmerglass Festival's 2011 production of Irving Berlin's "Annie Get Your Gun." So can you! (Courtesy of The Glimmerglass Festival) (Julieta Cervantes)

Dressing like Annie Oakley will provide history and an opportunity to dust off the fringed buckskin. Study the movie and Broadway interpretations but Anne Collins Goodyear of the National Portrait Gallery points out the gallery has a photograph of the real person taken in 1885.

For Gambino’s full report: The List: Smithsonian-Inspired Halloween Costumes.

For more inspiration, try “Booooooom.”