Jay Bulger poses for a portrait with an image of legendary rock drummer Ginger Baker. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

The film is about drummer and wild man Ginger Baker, who played with Cream and Blind Faith but became known as much for his drug use and outrageous behavior as for his flamboyant performances and pioneering contributions to the rock and jazz worlds. (For a Spotify playlist of some of Baker’s music, go here.)

This weekend, The Post Magazine has a rollicking read by contributor Kris Coronado about the story behind the movie, which is almost as bizarre as the musician himself. Bulger, a first-time director – and former boxer and high-fashion model – brazenly talked his way into Baker’s life by claiming to be a writer for Rolling Stone. He then lived with the musician on an isolated South African compound for several months over two visits, enduring verbal abuse — “Trying to explain to a dumb American is very difficult” — to capture the complicated details of the drummer’s tumultuous life on paper and film. And then there was the broken nose …

Read the story here and watch the trailer teaser here (Warning: Punk-rock language is used that may not be acceptable for children):