A regular feature in which we assess the quality of a pop song trending online.

The artist: Taylor Swift, America’s perpetually-surprised, perpetually-wronged pop-country princess and one of the music industry’s few remaining bankable superstars.

Taylor Swift during the opening night of her "Speak Now" Australian tour in Perth, Australia. The multi-platinum selling superstar is releasing her fourth studio album called “Red” on Oct. 22. (Theron Kirkman/AP)

It’s trending: After being released yesterday, the song immediately jumped to the top of the iTunes charts. An audio rip on YouTube already has nearly 150,000 plays in less than 24 hours, a number that is sure to double, triple and quadruple in short order.

But is it good? The emphasis here is much more on the pop than country part of the equation. In fact, there’s no twang to be found on this jaunty slice of processed pop. It’s hard not to roll your eyes at the song’s opening line (“I remember when we broke up”) since it finds the 22-year-old Swift in the same mindset as when she first emerged as a teenager. Of course the chorus is catchy but if this is representative of what’s awaits on “Red,” it’s hard to be too excited.