There is no better reprieve from the nightmare of holiday travel than complaining on social media. Sure, it might annoy your followers, but chances are, they’re in the same horrific traffic jam on I-95 and will commiserate. If not, it’s still cathartic.

(Courtesy of Foursquare)

My guess is a high percentage of the lines on this map represent some serious griping about baggage fees, crowded buses, or traffic delays. The map shows same-day Foursquare travel check-ins on planes, trains and automobiles as people travel over the holiday season. It’s reminiscent of Eric Fischer’s cartography that maps Tweets and Flickr accounts.

To prepare for the delays this year, you can check in with the Post’s Dr. Gridlock, who is updating us on the best ways to travel. Even if you do get stuck in traffic, remember arriving at a warm house which holds a plateful of mashed potatoes and turkey makes it all worthwhile.

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