Cast members Jason Segel, left, and Amy Adams pose with the Muppets at the "The Muppets" world premiere. (By Jason Redmond/Reuters)

On Fox’s “Follow the Money,” Bolling alleged that the new Disney installment of the “The Muppets” franchise was evidence of a liberal Hollywood conspiracy to brainwash children. The film features an evil oil baron named Tex Richman (Chris Cooper), who wants to raze the Muppets’ old theater to drill for the black gold. The gang reunites to host a major fundraiser to win their theater back.

Bolling saw it as an attack on the oil industry and capitalism, and invited Dan Gainor of the conservative Media Research Center to put in his two cents. Gainor made the leap that the Muppets’ efforts to save their theater was a puppet version of the Occupy movement. All it needs is a pepper-spraying cop.

“This is what they're teaching our kids. You wonder why we've got a bunch of Occupy Wall Street people walking all around the country: They've been indoctrinated, literally, for years by this kind of stuff,” Gainor said. “Whether it was 'Captain Planet' or Nickelodeon's ‘Big Green Help,’ or ‘The Day After Tomorrow,’ the Al Gore-influenced movie, all of that is what they're teaching, is that corporations are bad, the oil industry is bad, and ultimately what they're telling kids is what they told you in the movie ‘The Matrix:’ that mankind is a virus on poor, old Mother Earth.”

But there’s one problem with Bolling’s rant: Environmentalism wasn’t mentioned in the movie. The Muppets save their theater because it’s a landmark and their historical home — not because they’re trying to hinder the oil industry’s progress, or save the planet.

Maybe he’d have a better case if Kermit had sung “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”

This post previously identified Bolling as a Fox News host. He appears on the Fox Business Network.