Kate Middleton, in 2006. (BEN GURR)

Green concedes that hats can be intimidating for women, but once they decide on the right style, they will learn to wear them with confidence. When picking the right hat, proportion is key. She advises smaller women to choose a smaller brim or style, like the cloche, for example. If you have long hair like Kate Middleton and want to let it fly around in the springtime wind, the popular “fascinator” is another option — especially for those who want to avoid the much-dreaded hat hair. “She’s very pretty, and knows how to wear hats,” Green gushes about the new royal. Unlike Her Majesty and other, well, older ladies on the world stage, Kate brings freshness and some much needed revitalization to hat wearing. Green hopes that the princess will take a break from royal protocol on her honeymoon, and relax by the pool or ocean in “a simple sun hat.” As for our nation’s leaders, Green explains that she’s still holding out hope that President Obama will follow former presidents by wearing a hat to formal occasions. “He would look great in a fedora!” she says.