Today is January 2, which means yesterday was January 1, which means The List has been loosed upon the world for about 36 hours now. Haven’t scrutinized it yet? Go here and do so. I’ll wait while you do.

View Photo Gallery: Monica Hesse and Dan Zak establish what’s in and what’s out in 2013.

Thoughts? Readers have some. They’re upset that comedy darlings Louis CK and Lena Dunham are OUT, but that’s what happens when you win a couple of Emmys or ink a $3.5-million book deal. Readers on Twitter seem cheered that the weave is OUT and the ’fro is IN. Apple devotees can’t believe we called Samsung IN (look at Consumer Reports, and watch Apple falter more this year after the misstep with its maps app). And Monica Hesse and I received several e-mails like this one from a gentleman in Silver Spring: “Your ‘in and out’ list is a miracle of vapid and cutesy annoyance.” The subject line of his e-mail? “Just quit.” One day we will! Happy new year, sir.

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