(Screen grab from “The McGrory Family” by Marie McGrory)

I served on the jury for the Phillips Collection’s Snapshot Home Video Contest, tied to the museum’s current exhibition. “Snapshot: Painters and Photography, Bonnard to Vuillard” examines the role of personal photographs in inspiring a group of painters called the Nabis. The photographs were not intended to be art, but were just for capturing memories — and the Phillips asked its viewers to do the same in a three-minute home video. The films were judged on how well they captured the filmmaker’s private life and revealed insight into his or her personality, as well as how they played with the medium of film, using unusual perspectives and creative content.

Audience members at the Phillips Collection’s screening of the 10 jury-selected finalists chose McGrory’s film as the winner. While I can’t speak for them, it’s likely that they were drawn to her parents, who are compelling and quirky enough to be their own characters, but still representive of all parents of anyone who has ever left home and returned to the comfort of tradition.

See McGrory’s film here:


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