This year will be the 46th Super Bowl — and for nearly as many years, the cliched phrase “The Super Bowl of [something]” has been used to describe intense competition off of the gridiron. Many of the Super Bowl designations don’t even apply to actual competitions — or they’re competitions so trivial that the “Super Bowl” designation is a blustering hyperbole. It’s a writing cliche similar to calling a creative person “The Picasso of [something]” which was previously examined on this blog.

Though the Giants and the Patriots won’t take the field until Sunday, Friday we celebrate some of these lesser-known Super Bowls.

The Super Bowl of Birding has nothing to do with ravens, eagles, falcons or seahawks. (Sam Panthaky/AFP/Getty Images)

The Super Bowl of Birding took place on Jan. 28 in Essex County, Mass., and Rockingham County, N.H. “It's not THE Super Bowl, but it brings out the ‘sport’ of birding for those who participate,” the Newburyport News helpfully points out. The Maine Outdoor Journal says this year’s winning team scored 202 points, with scores awarded for the rarity of birds spotted.

The Super Bowl of Friendship is a celebration of “girlfriendology,” according to the blog of the same name. Points are awarded for kindness and being there for a friend, and all of the game time snacks are low-cal.

The Super Bowl of Hymn Festivals is not about praying for a touchdown. According to the Milledgeville News of Georgia, it’s an event presented each year by the Macon Chapter of the American Guild of Organists. it will take place on the same day as the actual Super Bowl, Feb. 5.

The Superbowl of Chick Fights, according to blogger spunkybean, took place on last week’s episode of “The Bachelor.” You could be on either Team Courtney or Team Emily, two women who are totally in TRUE LOVE with Ben. They both got roses at the end of the show, so presumably the Superbowl of Chick Fights resulted in a tie? Or does that mean it’s going into overtime?

The Super Bowl of Chicken was a delicious event at Gates-Chili Middle School in upstate New York last year. Seventh grader Elijah VanEpps gave local news anchor Nikki Rudd a taste of chicken tortilla soup while Buddy the Tyson Chicken loomed over his shoulder. No word on whether or not wings were served.

The Super Bowl of Lobbying: A battle over a moratorium on uranium mining in Virginia that’s pitting miners and businesses against environmentalists. Jeff Schapiro, political columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, gave the match-up the football moniker, noting that the battle could last as long as a year.

The Super Bowl of Weather Conferences — the American Meteorological Society meeting — was dubbed so by the Post’s own Capital Weather Gang. CWG’s Chief Meteorologist Jason Samenow was a spectator at this year’s bowl, which took place last month in New Orleans.

The Superbowl for Women could be any of several events: Black Friday, the Miss America pageant, the Academy Awards, the royal wedding, and, shamefully, the film “Sex and the City 2.”