(Courtesy Albatros Bookmarks)

What makes the Albatros bookmark so ingenious? It saves your place automatically, thanks to a light piece of polyester that follows you through each page. Once you affix it to the first and last pages of your book, you can shut your book without having to remember to insert a bookmark at the right page. It’s simple, smart, and an example of great problem-solving design. You can see it here, in the video.

The bookmark has been such a hit on Indiegogo (a Kickstarter-like site) that 512 people, as of this posting, have donated a basic $10 each, which gets them a set of six bookmarks. There have been two big spenders who have donated $500 — and who will receive $250 of the personalized bookmarks in return. There are 16 days left to get in on the deal.