If you’ve ever wanted a little more space than your apartment or house provides, now is your time: Three towns — in Montana, Wyoming and France — are for sale. And they’re relatively affordable!

Buford resident Don Sammons stands in front of the population sign in a Jan. 1, 2011 photo. Sammons is the town's sole resident and will sell the town by auction. (AP Photo/Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Michael Smith) (Michael Smith/AP)

Buford, Wyo.

Size: 10 acres

Price: An auction on April 5 will begin at $100,000.

Amenities: a three-bedroom home, a gas station, the Buford Trading Post, a 1900s cabin, a garage, and a schoolhouse built in 1905

History: Buford is for sale by its owner and lone resident, Don Sammons. According to Time, Buford is the second-oldest town in Wyoming, once bustling with 2,000 residents. It declined when a railroad re-routed, and though Sammons once lived there with his family, they’ve all since moved away and left him as the town’s sole resident. He’s selling the town because he’s ready to move on, he says.

Cars drive on Interstate 80 near Buford, Wy. in a Jan. 11, 2011 file photo. Buford resident Don Sammons is the town's sole resident and will sell the town by auction. (Michael Smith/AP/Wyoming Tribune Eagle)

Pray, Montana

Size: Five acres of commercial property

Price: $1,400,000

Amenities: One new commercial building with a rental storefront and deluxe apartment, a post office and an old store that comes complete with “enough historical artifacts to create a small museum,” according to the listing. Yellowstone National Park and Chico Hot Springs Resort are nearby.

History: Pray is for sale by Barbara Walker, whose family has owned the town for 59 years, according to the Associated Press. The town was founded in 1907 by a man named Valentine Eggar, who wanted to name the town after himself. His name choice was not approved by the Postal Service because it was too similar to another town’s name, so he named it after Rep. Charles N. Pray, who was in charge of approving new post offices.

"It's kind of a unique property," Bart Miller, the realtor for Mason & Morse Ranch Co. in Colorado, which has listed the property, told the AP.

"It's really meant for someone to come in with a vision and make a bed and breakfast or coffee shop or general store," he said.

In this photo taken Feb. 28, the French village of Saint Nicolas Courbefy, in Limousin, a region in central France, is seen for sale. The entire hamlet carried an asking price of just 300,000 euro ($440,000), the cost of a studio apartment in Paris. (Sarah DiLorenzo/AP)

Size: Stories about the town don’t specify, but it’s big enough to accommodate the 19 homes that are part of the deal.

Price: A deposit of 330,000 euro ($440,000) is required from interested buyers before a May 21 auction.

Amenities: Aside from those 19 homes, there’s a swimming pool and tennis courts. Everything is pretty run down, though, because the previous owners deserted the property years ago. A 12th century chapel is excluded from the sale.

History: Courbefy goes back to Gallo-Roman times, according to the AP — a road connecting nearby Limoges and Bordeaux passed through the town. No one has lived there since the 70s, after which the town passed through a series of hands, each intending to fix it up into a luxury resort or children’s camp or vacation property. Credit Agricole, which holds the mortgage, is selling the town.

In this photo taken Feb. 28, the swimming pool in the French village of Saint Nicolas Courbefy, in Limousin, a region in central France is seen. (Sarah DiLorenzo/AP)