Somehow we could have predicted this: It seems not many folks are jumping at the chance to take a cruise in commemoration of one of the worst maritime disasters in history.

In this April 10, 1912, photo, the British liner Titanic sails out of Southampton, England, at the start of its doomed voyage. (AP)

An ocean liner voyage set to commemorate the trip of the Titanic has slashed its prices. And no wonder: An ocean cruise, the memory of the RMS Titanic and a stop in those frigid waters that claimed so many people all added up to the possibility of a bittersweet journey.

We understand the curiosity of relatives of those who lost people 100 years ago, the passion of Titanic experts and explorers and the desire just to do something different. But it seems other people saw the high-end prices for eight nights aboard the Azamara Journey as savings-draining.

Now the individual prices are $999 to $3,695, instead of $4,900 to $6,750 per person, according to the Titanic Memorial Cruise and Travelzoo Web sites.

All the same, for the history buff, the Azamara Journey does have lots of enticements. The ship is a top-rated liner and the itinerary from New York to Halifax from April 10-18 includes all the top-notch services as well as lectures from experts and historians.

If you still don’t feel like booking a ticket aboard the Journey, plenty of other events are planned for the April anniversary at the National Archives and National Geographic Museum, where oceanographer Robert Ballard, who discovered the shipwreck, will talk April 10.