A Titanic memorial cruise left from Southampton on April 8, with passengers in period costume and — this time — ample flotation devices and lifeboats.

Men and women aboard the MS Balmoral Titanic will eat the food and hear the music that real Titanic passengers may have eaten and heard in their last few days on Earth. They will hold a vigil over the precise spot where the ship went down exactly 100 years ago on April 15. It’s a fitting tribute or a morbid spectacle, depending on which way you see it.

Who are the passengers of the Balmoral Titanic? Women and children first:

Passengers from United States, names not given, wearing costumes look as the MS Balmoral Titanic memorial cruise ship sails from Southampton, England. (Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

Carmel Bradburn of Adelaide, South Australia waves as the Titanic Memorial Cruise leaves port. (CHRIS HELGREN/REUTERS)

Eight-month-old Alisa Dounaeva of Godalming is held by her mother Lorna while seeing off her grandparents on the Titanic Memorial Cruise. (CHRIS HELGREN/REUTERS)

Spoiler alert: This time, the ship doesn’t sink.

Newlyweds Mary Beth Crocker Dearing (L) and Tom Dearing of Newport, Kentucky pose while wearing period costume before boarding. (CHRIS HELGREN/REUTERS)

Maritime artist James Allan Flood (2nd L) of Del Ray Beach, Florida arrives wearing period costume. (CHRIS HELGREN/REUTERS)

(Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

People from 28 countries have booked passage on the cruise, including some relatives of people who traveled on the original voyage. On board, they can relax with the ship’s luxurious amenities, and attend lectures by Titanic historians. A formal dinner on April 13 will be comprised entirely of dishes served aboard the ill-fated ship.

(Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

A mock-up of a first class cabin on the Titanic is displayed in the check in area. (Alastair Grant/AP)

Tormod Gaasbakk (L) and Anne Isabel Udbye of Trondheim, Norway sit in a hot tub on the Titanic Memorial Cruise as it moves through high winds off Cobh, Ireland. (CHRIS HELGREN/REUTERS)

In a particularly poignant moment, passengers aboard the Balmoral Titanic participated in an emergency drill, donning their life jackets. The sinking of the Titanic caused officials to improve passenger safety on boats, ensuring that everyone would be able to get a lifejacket and a seat on a lifeboat.

Passengers put on their life jackets during an emergency drill aboard the MS Balmoral Titanic memorial cruise ship. (Lefteris Pitarakis/AP)

John Philip (C) of South Coast, New South Wales, Australia adjusts his period bowler hat while donning a life jacket during a drill on board the Titanic Memorial Cruise (CHRIS HELGREN/REUTERS)

Kerry Kimble (R) of Oshawa, Ontario dons a life jacket. (CHRIS HELGREN/REUTERS)

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