(Via Pizza Hut)

Well, some lucky ladies (or gentlemen!) might start their journey to wedded bliss with a dream proposal from Pizza Hut and/or indigestion. The pizza chain is offering a “Tie the Knot with the $10 Dinner Box” deal to Valentines across America, who can purchase a night of romance: a red ruby ring, limo service, flowers, a fireworks show, a photographer and videographer and a $10 dinner box, all for just $10,010, plus tax. There are only 10 packages available for purchase through Feb. 14, 2012, and if you can’t work up the nerve to pop the question by March 31, Pizza Hut will refund the entire package.

“Our customers want the best of everything, from their food to memorable life experiences. So we decided to make one of those experiences — the marriage proposal — second-to-none and offer it at PizzaHut.com right alongside the new $10 Dinner Box,” said Kurt Kane, Pizza Hut’s chief marketing officer, in a press release.

Pizza Hut shouldn’t stop there — perhaps the chain could cater your wedding, too. Maybe they can outfit your first home! Could the pizza curtains of the Camry Super Bowl commercial become a reality?

A Pizza Hut proposal could be sweet if, say, you and your intended had your first date at one of its outlets. But if he or she isn’t the chain restaurant type, you might want to go with something a little more personalized — and less likely to give you heartburn.

Might we suggest a nice cockroach?

[Via Eater]