It sounds like a total Valentine mush-fest, but trust us, even if you’re celebrating Singles’ Awareness Day, there’s something that will speak to you in Cowbird’s collection of stories about first love. The Post’s Melissa Bell wrote about the visual diary, which puts user-submitted short stories with photographs, in this week’s Sunday Style section, saying “Amid the clamor of most social media sites, on Cowbird everything slows down. It asks its viewers to linger over a single image. ... There’s no rush. With that kind of beauty, why should there be?”

View Photo Gallery: With Valentines Day on the horizon, here’s a look at some romantic movies to watch to get you in the mood.

While some of the stories detail romantic proposals and decades-long love, others are short stories about loneliness and loss. One that’s definitely worth reading: “A Simple Mathematical Equation,” by Annie Atkins, which takes a clever look at the time it takes to heal a broken heart.

See the full collection at Cowbird. You can request an invitation to the service here.

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