It might be hard to work up the courage to tell your crush how you really feel — so for Valentine’s Day, one Twitter account will help you reveal your heart’s true desires. Ad agency R/GA has enlisted an Office Cupid to send anonymous “Valentweets” to the object of your desires — and they’re personalized.

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All you have to do is fill out R/GA’s #OfficeCupid form with your crush’s Twitter handle, and some details to help cupid craft the tweet. It won’t just spit out generic platitudes, either: Each of the tweets in R/GA’s Twitter feed are hand-crafted by Chapin Clark, the company’s executive vice president of copy, along with some help from other employees. Some are serious (“@simone Someone adores you because you are ‘dark haired, sensual, driven, stunning, knowing & gorgeous’”) and some are silly (“@laura_townsend Don't know how, but a special someone says you've managed to make diabetes sexy”).

“We're seeing that folks are really taking it seriously and using it as a fun way to convey sincere messages, which is pretty interesting,” wrote Harley Block, senior manager of communications for R/GA, in an e-mail. Block says the team will be hunkering down to field Tweet requests all day long.

At the same time, an anonymous service like Valentweets could also be used for a more sinister purpose. Today in On Innovations, Dominic Basulo writes about how it is easier than ever to stalk and harass lovers and exes through online services. “Lurkers, trolls and stalkers have always populated the Internet,” he writes. “However, technology is now converting everyday Internet users into stalkers and lurkers as well, simply because it is so easy and the information is so enticing.”

So, keep your Valentweets sweet, not stalkery, and use one to brighten a coworker’s day — and, perhaps, follow it up with an invitation to get a drink sometime.

[Via Adverve]

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