Ugg Australia recently debuted its bridal collection: Bedazzled versions of the fashionista-reviled but oh-so-comfy clodhoppers, perfect for clomping down the aisle to the tune of “The Wedding March.” They make perfect sense if you're getting married outdoors. In the winter. In Alaska. Otherwise? Say “I don’t” to bridal Uggs.

(Ugg Australia/Screenshot via

Ugg isn’t the first to capi­tal­ize on the ugly-comfy wedding trend: Toms offers a bridal collection, and the thousands of brides and grooms out there who want to declare how quirky and unique they are by wearing Chuck Taylors to their weddings can design their own. Expect to see them all peeking out from under tulle hems as June’s innumerable weddings get underway.

In keeping with the season, this week’s Sunday Style will include a special wedding package. In keeping with the times, it will focus on wedding fatigue: The bridesmaids who will never again be able to wear that expensive dress they were forced to buy, the guests who are asked to attend (and buy gifts for) dozens of events and the parents who push their credit card limits to the max. Wedding fatigue can deter even the most enthusiastic guests, according to reporter Ellen McCarthy.

Of course, the bride and groom can get caught up in a different kind of wedding fatigue. Witness bridal Uggs: Yet another ordinary thing with the word “bridal” slapped on it to justify a price hike (bridal Uggs retail for up to $225, while regular Uggs with a nearly identical design are at least $20 cheaper).

“There’s always a drive toward excess,” said Carol Wallace, author of “All Dressed in White: The Irresistible Rise of the American Wedding,”in McCarthy’s upcoming story. And what better represents excess than $225 boots that look like they were designed for the cast of “Toddlers and Tiaras”? Bridal Uggs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to extravagant, unnecessary or just plain scary wedding products and services — just look at the feeding-tube brides profiled recently in the New York Times. Sparkly Uggs look reasonable in comparison.