What kind of name would you give to an aspirational dog — say, one who’s in the running for Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show? If this year’s best of breed winners are any indication, you might want to name him or her after a celebrity.

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Ava Gardner, Georgio Armani and Kate “Winsit” are just some of this year’s best-in-breed winners at Westminster, which enters its second day Tuesday. The list also includes some more offbeat names, like Kiss My Cash and Rumpus Bumpus.

Of course, these are just the nicknames. Show dogs actually have long, complicated names because they must be registered with the breeder’s name to demonstrate the dog’s lineage (Martha Stewart’s winning pup has the full name of CH Pazzazz's Genghis Khan #8). Those names are shortened so that handlers don’t have to use the full, unwieldy ones.

Take a look at some of 2012’s winners with humorous names. Since the sporting, working and terrier groups have yet to be judged, this list will be updated with the best-named winners fromthose groups.

• Captain Crunch, a German shepherd

(Seth Wenig/AP)

• Playing With Fire V Gleishorbach, a dachshund, goes by the nickname “Cinders”

(Seth Wenig/AP)

• Ava Gardner, a shetland sheepdog

(Seth Wenig/AP)

(Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

• Lafford Fly Me Too Farleysbane, a Papillon, gets “Dave” as his nickname

(Seth Wenig/AP)

• Banana Joe, an affenpinscher

(Craig Ruttle/AP)

• Georgio Armani, a xoloitzcuintli

(Mike Segar/AP)

• James Bond, a Lhasa Apso

(Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

Other notable dog names:

• He’s So Fine, a greyhound

• Boogie Back to Texas, a petis bassets griffons vendeen

• Mob Boss Capone, a plott hound

• Sugar Daddy, a pomeranian

• Drama Queen, a toy poodle

• Miss Jayne Hathaway, a Chinese shar-pei

• Kate Winsit, a standard poodle

• Jungle King Mufasa, a redboone coonhound

• I Want’A Talk About Me, a Chinese crested

• Kiss My Cash, a Norwegian buhund

• Rumpus Bumpus, a puli

• Gossip Girl, a basenji

• Tina Fey, a brussels griffon

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