Fall blooms by @tamaravaldez on Instagram

Some like to survey the brilliant change of colors across a landscape of forest. Others examine a single leaf or flower petal for the slightest change in hue. And everyone snaps a photo.

For the next several weeks, we’re asking you to share your fall color photos through the popular iPhone app Instagram . Whether you’re driving out to go leaf-peeping or just staring at your back yard, we want to know: Where’s the best place to spot fall color?

NOTE: As fall turns to winter, we are discontinuing to actively accept new photos here. Thanks for participating! Want to try your hand at other Instagram projects? Check our Conversations page to see the latest. Calling avid photographers and novices alike! Here’s how to participate: Snap a photo that shows the colors of fall and include anywhere in your photo caption the tag #leafscape. Also be sure to include your location either by adding it to the caption or, for advanced users, turning on geolocation. Finally, get credit for your photos by including your username in your caption like this: “by @tamaravaldez on Instagram.” Using the tag #leafscape means you allow us to publish your photo on our site. View some of our favorite photos below (photos are moderated and may not appear immediately).

See more photos of fall colors and foliage.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

How do I start using Instagram?

To use Instagram, you must have an iPhone or iPod. Download the app (iTunes) and follow the on-screen instructions to set up an account and start snapping photos.

Reminder: Include #leafscape in the caption. More questions about the app? Check out the Instagram FAQ.

What if I don’t have an iPhone?

Although this project is Instagram only (and therefore iPhone/iPod only) for now, we are planning to support other photo apps in the future.

What other Instagram projects is The Post running?

We started off with #econdebate, our first experiment in using Instagram to visualize what the economy looks like across the country. That project has transformed in the larger 2012 Unfiltered.

Can I find The Post on Instagram?

Yes! We’re @washingtonpost on Instagram. Follow us.