Brace yourselves, because this post is about to use the word “tweet” an inordinate number of times: To go along with the world premiere of “Civilization (all you can eat),” Woolly Mammoth has announced its inaugural “Tweet Up.”

Actors onstage at the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Co. (Stan Barouh/Wooly Mammoth Theater Co.)

With it, Wooly Mammoth is jumping headlong into the debate over the appropriateness of tweeting at the theater. The argument lighted up the interwebs last week when theaters began to offer “tweet seats,” a section of the audience where tweeting is sanctioned.

Woolly’s going even further down the Internet vortex with a new opportunity for the Web-addicted masses in a brand-spanking-new Tweet Up contest.

Would-be participants should holler at Woolly on — wait for it — Twitter, explain their interest with the hashtag #WoollyTweetUp and the theater group will select three winners from the tweeting masses. These winners will be announced, of course, on Twitter.

Those tweeting three will attend the first rehearsal of “Civilization” as well as a technical and final dress rehearsal. They will be encouraged to tweet about the experience under the hashtag #WoollyCIV.

At final dress, instead of being told to put their phones away, the Tweet Uppers* will be live-tweeting the show, as will members of the Woolly team. They’ll also score a ticket to press night on Feb. 19 at 7 p.m. (Should you win and attend said press night, you could be sitting next to this very reporter. I share snacks!)

*”Tweet Uppers” is not a Woolly-sanctioned term; I just made it up for the purposes of this post. But feel free to make it a thing! #TweetUppers