Worn Magazine chronicled Washington creativity, putting out three attractive issues championing local art and style — and then it disappeared. You could have chalked it up to D.C.’s transient nature — always losing people to greener pastures — when editor-in-chief Nicole Aguirre posted on the Magazine’s blog last June that she planned to leave the District to travel.

Cover of the Spring/Summer 2011 Worn Magazine. (Courtesy of Worn Magazine)

But after a stint teaching photography in Spain, journeys to South Korea, Indonesia and Mexico, and a return to her hometown, Los Angeles, for an entrepreneurship program at UCLA, Aguirre is back, and she’s relaunching Worn with a twist — no longer content to just cover fashion, the publication is dipping its toe into retail, too.

Aguirre is launching WornAbroad.com, a curated online store that will offer street style favorites from around the world for men and women, taking cues from her travels.

“I was inspired by traveling to lots of cities after seeing clothes and accessories not available here in the States,” she said, noting that most of the international fashion accessible to her when she returned to the U.S. was either “High-end stuff or k itschy souvenirs.” Clothing from up-and-coming international designers or small international labels was harder to find, so she decided to fill the gap.

WornAbroad will be focused on curation of products, said Aguirre. She’s working with designers and labels to offer a selection of accessories and clothing items for men and women each month that she’ll sell through the site, beginning with contacts in Australia, South Korea and Mexico. You’ll have to act fast, she warns — once an item sells out, it’s gone, and customers have to wait until the beginning of the next month to see what else Worn will offer. Eric Brewer, profiled by The Post for his work as the founder of Dandies and Quaintrelles, the old-fashioned fashion club that does tweed bicycle rides around the city, will join Worn as a creative director for menswear.

Nicole Aguirre. (Courtesy of Worn Magazine)

The magazine is also is a fierce champion of local designers, and will continue to promote their work, said Aguirre.“The [local] fashion industry was just beginning to be born when I left a year ago, but now people are in full swing, and really getting excited about fashion in the District,” she said. “There are new designers, new blogger networks, new blogs and magazines. The more that that industry grows, the better it is for all of us.”

Stay tuned for news of a launch party, Aguirre says, and there’s a call out for models and contributors. Until then, she’s still settling back into D.C., having arrived back less than a month ago.

”I’m excited about running a D.C.-based magazine and a D.C.-based business. I feel like D.C. is my home, and it’s a place where I want to see my goals become reality. I want to encourage other people to do the same in this city.”