Alas, poor Yoda. The beautiful-on-the-inside mangy Chinese crested-Chihuahua mix who was named 2011’s Ugliest Dog died in her sleep Saturday at the age of 15, according to the Associated Press. Her owner, Terry Schumacher of Hanford, Calif., said she will miss “her funny little ways.”

A judge evaluates Yoda during the 2011 World's Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, Calif. (Noah Berger/AP)

Yoda prepares to compete in the 2011 World's Ugliest Dog Contest. (Noah Berger/AP)

There are lessons to be learned from Yoda’s short life, of course: Primarily, that taking care of a helpless animal or person, regardless of appearance, is a truly beautiful thing. Some may remember Yoda this way, while others will remember her as an Internet meme, if at all.

But all dogs go to heaven, according to the popular 1989 animated film. If that’s the case, is Yoda chasing bones with Seamus, the other dog in today’s news? One hopes.

Yoda looks on during the 23rd Annual World's Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin County Fair. (Justin Sullivan/GETTY IMAGES)