The short mystery begins with an ominous phrase: “You awake to find yourself in a dark room ... ” The rest is up to you. YouTube user ThatsMrRobertson offers a modern take on the 1980s kids’ novel series “Choose Your Own Adventure,” giving viewers choices for how to escape the scenario via links.

(Screengrab, YouTube, ThatsMrRobertson)

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The actor’s goofy accent and the creative choices will quickly clue you in that this isn’t a spooky story — it’s a game. Some of the paths he suggests include “Cry” and “Kill self” (Warning: He occasionally uses strong language).

The game is also reminiscent of some of the earliest computer games , including Zork, a turn-based game in which players try to find their way through an underground maze.

Can you escape the room, or turn on the light? Will you get caught in the maze — an amusing way to kill some time — or will you outsmart him?

[Via Neatorama]