In anticipation of Titanic’s release in 3D, Dan Zak and Melissa Bell went head-to-head on the epic film, debating whether it was ”art” (team Zak) or ”junk” (team Bell).

Readers are also weighing in on whether the film makes them swoon or groan . Cast your vote and join the Smackdown here.

View Photo Gallery: “Titanic” vaulted young Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet to superstardom. Take a look at the film’s cast 15 years ago and now, as the film is re-released in 3-D for the 100th anniversary of the disaster.

Tech-colored glasses

There are also a lot of opinions about Google’s recently (and carefully) unveiled “Project Glass.” The company took to Google + Wednesday to introduce eyeglasses that will have the capability to display messages, chats, appointments and other information in your field of vision. Click here to add your thoughts on whether you think it’s a gimmick or great idea.

Afghanistan’s “dancing boys”

Commenters also had a lot to say about Ernesto Londoño’s story about the growing number of underage Afghan boys being coerced into sexual relationships with Afghan men.

Also worth a read is Londoño’s first-person account of how he reported the story.

Here comes the sun! Submitted by Oasisatkst.

Joe Yonan’s story about grieving the loss of his beloved dog Red struck a chord with readers, who shared their own tales of pet loss in the comments of the story and in a live Q&A with Yonan and Sandra Barker, director of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Center For Human-Animal Interaction.

Readers have also been sharing their favorite pet photos. You can see and share more pet pics and stories on our new Pets page.

Take me out to the ball game

And if you’re a fan of the home team, you’ll want to share your Nationals photos in the gallery below.

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