There’s been a lot to talk about on this week, from the debate surrounding democratic pundit Hilary Rosen’s comments on Ann Romney’s role as a stay-at-home mom to the death of veteran journalist Mike Wallace.

Per our new tradition, we’ve rounded up some of the most insightful, smart (and, in some cases, downright hilarious) comments from the past seven days.

Story: Ann Romney defends role as stay-at-home mom after democratic pundit’s remarks

While the Romney campaign might have gotten a small lift from Hilary Rosen's poor choice of words, the fact remains that presenting Ann Romney as some sort of advisor on women's economic issues is a joke. While everyone agrees that a woman who raises five children indeed works very hard, the notion that Ann Romney has some sort of insight to provide on the trials of most American women is silly. It's a lot easier to raise five boys if your husband is a multimillionaire. It's a lot easier to make the "choice" of being a stay at home mom when you have financial security guaranteed for the rest of your life.  

Most American women don't "choose" to go into the workforce instead of staying at home. Most of them are in the work force in order to put food on the table and pay a mortgage. Trying to claim that Ann Romney represents those women is a cruel farce. 

And, of course, that's what Rosen was trying to say in the first place.


Story: Good Friday’s big question: Is doubt good?

There is a large creative space between the poles of absolute literal belief in the historical accounts found in scripture and complete absolute non-belief. Many thoughtful people live at various places at various times somewhere in between. Sometimes we know, sometimes we don't. The life of the mind is a voyage.


Very well put. And some of us who "know", regularly aren't sure what exactly it is we "know".


Story: Mike Wallace dies; veteran journalist and former ‘60 Minutes’ correspondent was 93

Mike Wallace was an important newsperson and 60 Minutes has done tremendous good over the years. Wallace was a huge part of that. Yes, a lot of the criticisms of Wallace are legit -- arrogant, overzealous, etc. But his journalistic failings are small compared to his accomplishments. Simply put, he helped change the way Americans learned about America and the world. As the durability of 60 Minutes suggests, that was a very good thing.


Story: On Gregg Williams, NFL culture and killing the head

Any blow not aimed at stopping forward momentum is unnecessary roughness. Time to stop 350 pound linemen from driving heads and shoulders into the turf with the intent to maim. Refs can easily detect the difference between a head-shot and a tackle. Failure to wrap up should also be penalized. Its not easy to make a tackle and a head shot at the same time

The NFL rule makers are responsible for the rules of the game. If malicious jerks take advantage, that does not relieve the NFL of responsibility. The owners are responsible, even if they are trial lawyers.

And last, but not least, we like this cheeky Nats-centric exchange between three commenters.

Story: Nationals vs. Reds: Washington hangs on to win home opener


The Nats are 5-2


Can you spell..... Fools Gold ?


Yes. It has an apostrophe (Fool's Gold).