Post subscribers may have noticed some changes on A1 and A2 of today’s newspaper. An editor’s note on Page A2 explains that weekday print editions will include a digest of the day’s news across the bottom of Page A1, aimed at giving readers a quick and comprehensive summary of the most important news.

On Mondays, print editions will also include a look ahead at the events and announcements that are likely to make headlines in the coming week.

In addition to featuring a daily look ahead, Page A2 will feature a commentary and analysis from Post columnists and bloggers, including Dan Balz, Chris Cillizza, Melinda Henneberger, Ezra Klein and Dana Milbank.

There will also be a daily Campaign 2012 page from now until the November election. See Tuesday’s Page A2 for the full editor’s note.

You can get a close look at today’s A1 below and a close look at A2 after the jump. Just click on the image to expand the pages to full size.

Have questions about the changes? Two Post design editors — David Griffin and Janet Michaud — will watch the comment thread below and respond to questions and comments throughout the day.

Do you have questions about the changes?