A Christmas tree and the eastern sky before sunrise along the Chesapeake Bay on the the first morning of the Winter Solstice. (Photo by Ray K. Saunders/The Washington Post)

Life can get in the way of plans. Especially holiday plans.

For blogger William K. Wolfrum, “life” is a sick little dog named Max. Wolfrum and his wife had plans to travel to San Francisco from their home in Brazil for the holidays, when the aging pooch fell ill. Wolfrum sent his wife off to see her family, while he stayed behind to care for the canine .

Max the dog and William Wolfrum’s Christmas companion. (Courtesy of Wolfrum)

Inspired by the last-minute change to his Christmas plans (and the fact that he’ll be spending Christmas alone this year), Wolfrum decided to push the hashtag #OurXmas online to celebrate the holiday with a sprawling worldwide community who may be away from their loved ones on the holiday. He and a Twitter friend, @P0TUS, will ask people to share their memories, their bad Christmas jokes and anything else in the name of collaborative fun, starting early Sunday morning.

The only real requirement: play nice. “Keep religion and politics out of it,” Wolfrum wrote in an introductory blogpost. “You have 364 days a year to make your political and philosophical leanings heard. ”

We thought we’d follow along with Wolfrum’s experiment in spreading holiday cheer. So whether you’re hanging stockings with care, setting up the kid’s table or settling in for a quiet weekend on your own, share your Christmas stories past and present with us.  

YOUR TAKE: How is this holiday season different?

Tweet How is this holiday season different from years past? Tell us how you’re observing Christmas this year by using the hashtag #OurXmas on Twitter. It’s an idea started by @Wolfrum. We’re collecting responses right here.