In our latest installment of Comments of the Week, we’re featuring a good mix of reader posts about serious and not-so-serious news. They come from our coverage of Space Shuttle Discovery’s D.C. area flyover, the Justice Department’s handling of forensic flaws in investigations, the passing of entertainment legend Dick Clark and more.

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Story: Dick Clark dies at age 82

Back then, when we watched “American Bandstand” and then went out and danced to the same tunes, it didn’t seem like anything very special. It seemed like it would go on forever. Why wouldn’t it? It was so harmless, and so much fun.

But it was something very special. It was a magic time to be an American. We were part of an actual, living culture. It wasn’t an amazing recreation. It didn’t harken back to saintly days of yore. It wasn’t a corporatized entertainment spectacle. We were all a part of it, and it was alive, vital, current, and real.

Oh, it was kind of schlocky and silly and poppy. Even the Beatles were kind of schlocky and silly and poppy a lot of the time.

But it lived. It had a life of its own. It was an actual culture. And not a lot of people get to live through such a time. Certainly not anyone in America now.

Because we not only watched those kids dance to those tunes. We went out that same night and danced to them ourselves.


Story: Two-paycheck couples, working because they must

I’ll take this reality a step further and make it personal. My wife and I have been married for three years. We’re middle class, but we have no children, and want none, because we recognize that the economic reality of having children in a two-worker household is not the life we would want for us or our children.

We’re not poor by any means. It’s unfathomable to us as to how the poor raise their kids at all, and one can only imagine the answer is: with government assistance and all the luck they can get.

Perhaps it’s time to reconcile the fact that conservative economics and conservative values is a paradox of the highest order.


Story: NASA’s Discovery shuttle wows Washington in 45-minute flyover

I don’t know whose idea it was to share this magnificent symbol of America with us. It was just a great, thoughtful idea! What a gift to us in the Washington, DC area. Thank you!


Story: Taliban commander turns himself in ... for reward on ‘wanted’ poster

But....Did they pay him his “award”? He met the criteria. He presented not just information that led to his arrest and detension (sic). He actually surrendered himself for the finders fee. The least they could do is pay him. Come on! You’d still be looking for him.


Story: Convicted defendants left uninformed of forensic flaws found by Justice Department

The only encouraging thing about this story is that so far not a single commenter has voiced support for the DOJ.


Story: Redskins schedule 2012

I ANXIOUSLY await the day when Redskins fans aren’t worried about who WE play..and Other teams fans are worried about playing US!


Story: Goodbye to a D.C. United legend

I don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said about Chico. Normally the passing of such a great man would ruin my day, but I won’t let it because Chico wouldn’t want that. One thing is for sure, I can guarantee you he has the best seat in the house for tonight’s game! Vamos United and RIP Chico.


Finally, here’s an exchange between several commenters discussing the news that the Associated Press was changing its style guidelines to accept a previously-frowned-upon use of “hopefully.”

daveb59: I’m about to gouge my eyes out with a spork.

The headline on the home page said that there’s “one less linguistic battle... ‘hopefully’.”

In this article ABOUT LINGUISTICS, didn’t anyone notice that that should be “FEWER”, not “less”??!!

You use “fewer” with things you can count (like linguistic battles). You use “less” with things you can’t count (like ice cream). Now, don’t get cute---If you have two pints of Chunky Monkey and I have one, I have fewer ***pints*** of ice cream, or I simply have less ice cream, take your pick.

hesthe: If you have to take your pick, your ice cream was in the freezer too long.
steve80: I could be wrong but I thought “less” was appropriate when referring to a singular noun. “Fewer battles,” “one less battle.”
Veg26an: I agree. The headline is correct.

Therefore, you would have one LESS pint of ice cream.

daveb59: No, no, NO! One FEWER battle. One FEWER pint of ice cream (because you can count pints).

No ice cream for any of you!

daveb59: I also noticed that they corrected the original headline....

I win.

ajsmithva: Hey, how come I didn’t get any ice cream?
outofthebox1: If it ain’t Cherry Garcia, it doesn’t matter who has more.