What do you think of the Post’s front page today? From headlines to story placement, tell us what you like, don’t like and what you would have done differently, in the comments section. Just click on the image below (after the jump) to get a detailed look at today’s front page.

Update: Thanks to the commenters that have posted critiques. We’ve included a few in this post.

I would much rather have one or two main stories that jump to the inside, with the rest of the front page reserved for plus like the one for Troy Davis. The photo and short summary is all you need on the front, with a refer to the inside story. As it is, nearly every headline is about the same font size, so it's hard for me to tell what's the most important story. — virginiawriter

We’ve posted some more of your critiques after the jump.

I appreciate the fact it's not overly cluttered as some papers have become in recent years. I wish there was more "good" news on the front page. Maybe too much emphasis on politics?  — xexon

The choice for lead is puzzling. Why is a census-related report more important, today, than the Fed's action? cjohnson1

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