What do you think of the Post’s front page today? From headlines to story placement, tell us what you like, don’t like and what you would have done differently, in the comments section. Just click on the image below (after the jump) to get a detailed look at today’s front page.

Update: Thanks to the readers that have posted critiques. Here’s what a few had to say about today’s front page:

Avoid splitting a story’s text with an image (i.e. top story). Overall, clean layout! — @ruthmichel on Twitter

Don’t like that all the art is in the middle four columns. Like the documents under the subhed. Would think the style story could be teased above the fold somehow. — toivo99

We’ve posted some more of your critiques after the jump.

Too many photos in the center. Spread them out. I love the classic photo-above-fold style, though.— @yes_i_care on Twitter

You have to much vertical stuff on the page, need some sort of horizontal break, not the one at the bottom but something in between, boxes with different sizes. — panteradgo

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