The Washington Post’s Web site serves millions of readers who have different interests and needs. Our U.S. and international audiences come to us to understand Washington, D.C. — its politics, personalities, institutions, agencies and policies — and what that means to America as well as to the world. As a news organization rooted in the greater D.C. metro area, we also serve readers who come from the District, Virginia and Maryland by providing deep and unparalleled coverage of regional sports, politics, traffic, weather, real estate, crime, education, arts, culture and more.

Based on feedback from both these audiences, as of today, we are offering readers the ability to quickly access more of our local/regional content and top news headlines from our main homepage. For readers who live in greater D.C. metro area, you can choose to see a larger set of headlines under Local News that looks like this:

Don’t worry; on you’ll still get the same national/international news and all of our most popular opinions and blogs. The Opinions columns, for instance, have simply moved down a notch as you can see here:

We also realize there may be some of you who live in the Washington, D.C . metro area who might not want, or be interested in, even more local news. If so, you will have a choice to select your homepage — one with more prominent metro area headlines or our U.S. edition. You can also switch between the two as often as you like by simply picking one of the two editions on the top left of your homepage here:

Registered readers can go to “Manage Your Profile” to select a homepage preference — National homepage or National/Local homepage. Once you select your preference, you’ll automatically be sent to your preferred homepage when you log into

We hope that by giving you more choices in how you read what you want to read, we are making it easier for you to find what interests you most. We continue to work on making our overall Web site faster and easier, and this is one of the steps along the way.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions by writing to us at

Update: We are continuing to work on technical issues that may prevent readers from consistently getting the page of their choice. We will update this post when those issues are resolved.

If you are having problems with the “edition toggle,” it may be that you previously selected another homepage as your default. To undo that:

• Make sure you’re logged in to

• Click on your registered log-in name at the top of the homepage.

• Click on Homepage Selection.

• Make National homepage your default and click update to save your selection. Then, if you choose, select National/Local homepage to make this your homepage.

Update (Dec. 6): This issue has been fixed.

Raju Narisetti, Managing Editor

Twitter: @rajunarisetti